Entrance Test

Students attempting the entrance exam at ISTC


The test will comprise of questions in Mathematics, Science, Aptitude, English and General Knowledge. Syllabus for the entrance test will be of CBSE 10th class standard or equivalent.


The ISTC entrance examination will consist of objective multiple choice questions. 25% of the allotted marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.


7.1 The candidate should write his/her name, roll number, etc and append signatures only at the appropriate space provided on the question booklet and answer sheet. Signatures or any other marking should not be made at any other place inside the question booklet or answer sheet.

7.2 No page from the question booklet is to be detached or torn. Non-compliance of this instruction may lead to disqualification.

7.3 Each question will be followed by multiple answer choices in the question paper given at 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Choose the correct answer and fill the appropriate oval/circle with Ball Point Pen (Blue or Black) only in the answer sheet as shown in the example (right side figure). Darken only one oval/circle for each question as there is only one correct answer for each question. If the candidate darkens more than one oval/circle of the same question then answer will be treated as wrong.

7.4 Mark should be dark enough to completely fill the oval/circle so that the letter/number inside the oval/circle is not visible.

7.5 Sample Copy of a typical OMR Sheet is given at end for familiarisation.

7.6 Use of log tables, slide rules, calculators & Mobile phones etc. is not allowed in entrance exam.

7.7 Rough work must not be done on the Answer Sheet. Use your test booklet for this purpose


The result of the Entrance Test will be declared and displayed at ISTC by 21.07.2014 (tentative). It will also be available on our website: www.csio.res.in.