Students working in D & M workshop

The syllabi for the first four semesters are same as that of Diploma in Instrument Technology.



Extensive practical work on lathe and milling machines. Use of special attachments on these machines. Practical instructions on proper clamping and centering. Use of carbide cutters. Application of differential dividing head. Advanced training on surface grinder, cylindrical grinder, tool & cutter grinder, single lip cutter grinder & three dimensional engraving. Practical training on Pro/E software.


Introduction and use of basic quality assurance equipment in quality assurance room. Special measuring techniques. Training on jig boring machine and punch-shaper. Heat treatment of various types of jobs. Use of hardness tester. Practical training on Pro/E software.


Training on special purpose machine tools and their attachments viz. Jig grinding, profile grinding, spark erosion, and copy milling. Use of milling machine as boring machine. Special grinding techniques on surface/cylindrical grinding. Use of sine table. Dressing a particular profile on the grinding wheel with radius and angular dressing attachment. Training on CNC milling and programming. Practical training on Pro/E software.


Extensive workbench training on assembly of Press Tools, Moulds, Jigs & Fixture etc. Introduction to setting of power press, injection moulding machine and Hydraulic press for trial running. Advanced training in quality assurance room (Tool room microscope, profile projector). Polishing of mould cavities, use of diamond polishing pastes, use of different polishing aids and use of dies profile polishing machine. Tool Design. Practical training on Pro/E software.